It seems like second nature to have the best hairstylist and nail tech in your arsenal…but what about your personal stylist? Whether you jet set daily or conduct office meetings, a personal stylist is the key ingredient to sartorial success. And since your wardrobe is your “visual CV”, it can make or break opportunities. Here’s how to find the right stylist!

A personal stylist with the client in mind aims to develop your best wardrobe for each occasion to help you present your best self to the world. Being able to align your appearance, life and career goals, and personality into a seamless wardrobe is what stylists dream of! Yes, it is that serious.

Choosing the Right Personal Stylist 1

Each event is an opportunity to live your best life. Surprise: every day is an event! This sounds cliché, but life is literally as good or bad as you decide to make it-and your wardrobe is much the same. Try to avoid awkward style moments with a little time and know-how from those who have your best interests in mind.

Choosing the Right Personal Stylist 2

Even if you have a keen sense of style and feel no immediate need for a wardrobe specialist, it wouldn’t hurt to have an extra pair of eyes on the case. There may be a few tweaks and suggestions that will further propel your style, so why miss out on a good thing?

Choosing the Right Personal Stylist 3

BY: StyleItKell, beauty and style contributor

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