Forget what they say about addiction coming from certain substances like nicotine; psychologists will tell you that you can get addicted to almost anything. They are right! If you have happened to go a day without your phone because you forgot it or it was bad, then you would agree that it is ordinarily a huge distraction. We’re naturally more productive without those smart distractions no matter how much they serve as tools. If you’re tired of being unproductive because of your phone, here are some steps to take.

  • Turn off notifications

First step to reduce your phone addiction is to turn off your notifications. This is because social media is the main reason you are addicted to your phone in the first place. Go to the settings of the apps you frequently visit, and turn off notifications. That way, you would only open the apps when you want to check something specific.


  • Use rules or schedules

Another way to prevent getting distracted is to set rules for yourself. For one, you can make a rule not to go on any social media platform or use your phone in the mornings until 12 noon and at night after 9pm. You can also have schedules to guide you as to when to visit specific platforms. It might seem monotonous at first, but you’ll get the hang of it eventually.

How to stop being addicted to your phone 1

  • Use an app to restrict or track social media usage

While it is ironic that you’re using an app to solve your addiction to other apps, they work. Freedom for iOS, for example, blocks apps from getting new content. Other apps that track your smartphone habits include QualityTime and Moment. They would help curb your habit of constantly being on social media or at least track it so you see for yourself how much time you spend.


  • Uninstall Most apps

If you are willing to take things up a notch, uninstall most social media apps. If you get distracted by game apps, it would also help to uninstall them for a while. When you do need to go on social media, use the pc versions. Use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram on your laptop and they would soon mean less to you.

How to stop being addicted to your phone 2

  • Be conscious of it

Now, in truth, the world is going social. Hence, building a brand on social media might be one of your goals. To this end, it is important to use social media consciously. Be conscious of your productivity while on those apps and be truthful to yourself that you are not distracted.


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