Locs, or its somewhat negative term dreadlocks, are rope-like strands of hair. They are usually formed through natural techniques like the neglect technique where an individual leaves his/her hair to form into strands without it being combed or cut. There are other techniques to achieve locs like backcombing, matting or braiding, and rolling. However, faux locs also exist in the form crochets and kinky twists. Regardless of the way you make it, it is no news that good locs is beautiful hair. For your hairstyle inspiration, here are cool ways to style your locs.

  • Colour Mix

10 Gorgeous Ways to Style Your Locs 1

Having a little bit of colour can be a great option for your locs. Not only do they show an edge of creativity, they also make your locs stand out.


  • Thin and Loose

10 Gorgeous Ways to Style Your Locs 2


Long and thin locs are easy to carry, so it wouldn’t be a burden. Achieve a retro look with your locs by letting them down, and they would soon be your signature look.


  • Messy Updo

10 Gorgeous Ways to Style Your Locs 3

Updo’s are great but messy updo’s are even better. Style your bun to be slightly rough and you would have that carefree beauty that everybody would be in awe of.


  • Regular buns

10 Gorgeous Ways to Style Your Locs 4

Regular buns and updo’s are also great. Since locs are usually slightly rough, a neat bun would create a beautiful contradiction.


  • Ponytail

10 Gorgeous Ways to Style Your Locs 5

Another style that would have you looking fabulous is the ponytail. Whether it is neat or messy, in front or at the back, ponytails always come out great.


  • Bob

10 Gorgeous Ways to Style Your Locs 6

Create a bob look with your short locs to give it a classy look. You could make them thick so they are firm, but even thin and full locs would work just perfect.


  • Deep waves

10 Gorgeous Ways to Style Your Locs 7

There are many faux locs available that are already styled this way. But if your locs are natural and you want to give it a jazzy feel, lock the waves by twisting and rolling your locs till you achieve the style you want.


  • French Braids

10 Gorgeous Ways to Style Your Locs 8

Style your locs by plaiting into cornrows. You can never go wrong with French braids, however.


  • Thick Locs

10 Gorgeous Ways to Style Your Locs 9

Big, thick locs are fashion pieces of themselves. Short or long, they would always pull in attention to your face.


  • Pompadour

10 Gorgeous Ways to Style Your Locs 10

Achieve a Pompadour style by turning hair back towards the forehead in a roll.


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