If you can’t feel it, you can’t be it, You have to feel good to live good.
Feel happy to be happy
Feel wealthy to be wealthy
Feel healthy to be healthy.
You can’t be happy when you are focusing on all the things that make you feel unhappy, like what they did or didn’t do, how you don’t have this or that. Your emotions are of worry so that is attracted.
You can’t be rich when you are focusing on lack of money and feel you don’t have money or the money you have will run out. That’s focusing on the money with worry and that’s not feeling rich.
But, if when you think of money, you get excited that you are rich in other things like food, shelter, life, etc, you begin to feel positive emotions towards money and believe me, anything to make you feel happier will be attracted by you, out of the blue.
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You don’t have to wait to have the £1m before you get happy, be happy now on the way to attracting the £1m.  Thing is, if you are not happy on the journey, it shows you don’t believe it’s possible for you. (Think about it)
You can’t be healthy if you are focusing on not liking your body, not enough this or that, you will only cause more stress which does not put your body at ease.
Just relax, feel the feeling of what you want now.
Let your feeling be your guide to let you know what you are attracting into your life.
Transform your life by the renewal of your mind and I can help you do this using Transform Your Life with Affirmations audio.
Link in my bio to get your copy and also other resources to help you live the life you desire. @Tewa Onasanya
You can also book a one on one life-transforming session with me.
It’s possible if you want it.
Live Intentionally,
Tewa 💛
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