There was a time when I wanted a result so badly, I could feel my heart stop every time I thought about that thing and how much I wanted it.
I didn’t realise I was pushing my desire further away because I was focusing on that result with a negative emotion. You know, the feeling of anxiety about when it will happen, why has it not happened, what is going on…. the fear following the consequences of it not happening and all the negative feelings including worry and unhappiness.
All of these were pushing it further away from me.
In the end, I realised what I was doing, recognising that yes I was focused but with the wrong energy.
So I began to intentionally rule my mind. Rule my mind to think “from” the result instead of think “of” the result.
Thinking from the result meant I had accepted that when I ask, it is given, therefore, I needed to relax and feel good because it is done.
Relaxing doesn’t mean you forget about what you want, it just means you have let go of the anxiety and doubt about it and you are letting in the belief that it is done and in God’s time, it MUST come to you.
Letting go means not checking to see if the corn seed (your desire) you planted yesterday has 🌽 growing today but patiently waiting and watering the seed (joyful thoughts) till it germinates and you harvest it ( your desire).
So feel good. Get excited. Its already your
I am available to show you how to make feeling good a priority.
More will be shared during the #feelgood2livegood challenge. Link in bio to register.
Live Internationally,
Tewa 💛
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