“Embasan is a witty infusion of cosmopolitan culture, arts, and tranquil indulgence. With Embasan, you make a cultured statement in your home while retaining the ultimate level of comfort and versatility”.


In 2019, Teni Sagoe launched her contemporary bed and linens brand with a curious art infusion,  Embasan with an idea to “wholesomely drench” the culturally enlightened consumer in carefully selected plush yarns permeated with striking art elements. By using only the finest of fibers and the technology of the most skilled manufacturers in the world, It crafts a unique range of products that organically exude luxury, comfort, and creativity all at once.


The Wild Waffle Bath Towel

Three years later, this brand has grown into a unique one-stop shop for premium bed and bath linens, and homeware; from the ARACHNE chair, MILOU basket, and other items that screams luxury yet simple.

Embasan has a beautiful range of impressive collections from home and baths to gifts and beds. The HOME section features items like the Plush Drench Bath Mat, Towel Bin,  The Milou Laundry Basket, and Sierra Trays; The bath section has items like the Plush Drench Towel in different forms including the dark umber, Skinny Latte, Midnight Amber.

To shop for this range of impressive pieces, say hi to Embasan here!

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