Sefi Omah, Plus-size model, influencer and content creator, whose real name is Ehondor A. Omosefe, has spoken out on the stigma associated with being a plus-size person, and the way forward.

In a chat with Potpourri, Oma asserted that there are too many negative myths about plus-size women, adding that her mission is to correct them and change the mindsets of most plus-size women around the world.

“Over the years, there is no myth I haven’t heard about being a plus size woman. Most are annoying, disgusting and untrue and if you allow those words to sink into you, you would be controlled and stagnant by it all your life,” Oma remarked.
Sefi omah

“I have been scared though but now, I took it upon myself to explore my God-given body and it has been an amazing journey discovering new things about myself and body.” 

“My mission is to encourage plus-size persons to have self-love; to change the narrative that plus-size persons are lazy, dirty, unhealthy, and seen as mere sexual objects; and to remove body-shaming through awareness campaigns,” she added.

Sefi Oma, who is also the founder of F.A.T. House Entertainment, is a woman on a soul-searching journey to connect with other plus-size people to bridge the loneliness she felt living as a plus-size person.

Sefi Oma’s brand aims at empowering strong, independent plus-size people, through personal development workshops, events, in order to redefine the plus-size narrative. 

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