With the release of a collection that consists of easy days for this brand’s audience of customers, outfits that will make you feel elegant without even putting an effort, today’s business feature is reshaping the future of comfortable clothing in Africa’s fashion ecosystem.

The 1964 brand is a Lagos-based made-to-wear fashion brand, to create ease through clothing, this brand is making women feel comfortable in elegant yet simple and comfortable clothing. Launched in 2017, 1964 has released four collections; The first collection, Cillio, was released in 2019  with the Simplify dress showcasing the core message of the collection. From dress statements like the Yang dress, depicting free and bold, the Felly dress, with vintage button-down detail, and the Grey dress, created to be rustic with an obsession for vintage buttons, this collection introduced the 1964 brand. Inspired by the brand’s commitment to keep creating clothes that exude femininity while bringing peace and comfort, Meraki was launched as the second collection in March 2021. Featuring pieces like the Aswan dress, the Gigi and Seychelles dress, these pieces scream comfort and functionality.

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Riding on the wave of the Meraki collection, the Rebirth collection was released in June 2021 serving as the creator’s expression poured into the fashion brand. Just like the name implies, the Rebirth collection tells the story of the 1964 women. To celebrate its first year as a brand, the fourth collection was released in October 2021. The Felly collection which connotes happiness was birthed from a place of happiness, acceptance, and celebration. With pieces like the Fellybration dress, Joy Overflow dress, Enjoyment dress and the We Move dress, all pieces from this collection offers comfort and elegance to customers at the same time celebrating the brand’s anniversary.

To shop these elegant and simple fashion pieces, say hi to 1964 here!

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