We are continuing our styling your body shape series. Today, we are talking about styling the hourglass body shape. The essence of this series is to help you know what looks good for your body type and buy those pieces. This way you will buy items that look good on your body shape.

The main feature of the Hourglass body shape is having a defined waist and having curves. The goal here is to show off your natural body shape. The Characteristics of the Hourglass:

  • round shoulders
  • Bust and hips are of the same width
  • Small and defined waist
  • Round bottom and hips
  • Bigger thighs
  • Weight gains distribute throughout the body

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Styling Your Body Shape Series - HourGlass Body Shape 1

Tops with rounded necklines like oval style don’t attract attention to your bust. Wide necklines like the scoop necklines will show off your chest area. Also, high necklines like turtleneck tops will do the same as they will add volume to your bust. So, it depends on what you want from your look.

Tops with fitted sleeves are best for the hourglass woman because they follow the body’s natural curve. Avoid big ruffles, bows, or any other embellishments. This is because it would add a lot of volume to your upper body (unless you add some volume to your hips to balance it out). And steer clear of extra bulk on the waist, which would hide your waist’s natural slimness.


Styling Your Body Shape Series - HourGlass Body Shape 2

Coordinate your top with your trousers to balance your clothes with the rest of your body. ‍Wide-legged and loose-fitting trousers that go straight down to the floor are best. Boot-cut or flare-out trousers are also good.

Keep your trousers on the slimmer side, not too baggy or wide.


hourglass body shape

Dresses for the hourglass body shape should draw the focus to the waist without adding extra volume to the bust.

‍Nipped and belted dresses are excellent. Wrap dresses are great too, as they create a nice silhouette, stress the waist, and tailor the midriff without making it look boxy.

The key point when styling your hourglass body shape is to flaunt your curves.


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