From creating jaw-dropping female pieces from tie and dye (adire), this Nigerian women’s wear brand is creating clothes for the confident women that love to live.

“Adore is a major inspiration for us at Sawni Official as it reminds us of how beautiful and unmatched our culture is. We love how each design tells a different story.” Owned by Timi Sanmi, Sawni Official is a fashion brand in Lagos, Nigeria that draws inspiration to create amazing dresses for women from Tie and Dye (Adire).

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The fabrics are dyed and sourced by strong women, for women who love to live. Aside from the creative energy that goes into making a dress, each dress has a unique name from  Yoruba to Swahili culture. An example is the Jaiye set. (to live life). Sawni Official says, “when we think about living life, we think about statement pieces that are comfortable”. The way the brand matches its dressmaking process with the tagline is something of great interest.

The Maridadi Collection is one of the brand’s best offerings. According to Sawni, “This collection consists of 6 looks that have been designed to be versatile and easy to style. The collection was designed as a subtle reminder for women to live life in full bloom.

The Sade 2.0, Green Tejj, Temi Set, are all stunning pieces from Sawni Official, and they are all designed to fit your individuality. To shop these designs, say hi to Sawni Official.

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