I have reprogrammed my mind and every day I am blessed to see a new day.

I intentionally bask in the euphoria of being able to see a new day. I intentionally get into a thankful mode, and fill myself with so much joy till I can feel the fact that anything is possible, and everything is achievable.

At the beginning of a new day, I say it to myself: today I expect great things!

When I just started learning how to shift my mindset, I would shout or scream it to myself, so my mind would know I meant business.

I was determined not to let my mind bully me into thinking that each new day was going to be another drag. No way, I refused to stand for that. So every day, I expected great things to happen, and they did!

Every day, I expect the best-case scenario; every day, I expect things to go my way.

Fair enough, there are some things that might not go my way, but here is what I do: I take the lessons from my failures, I thank God for the opportunity to learn a new lesson and I simply keep it moving.

I have come to realise and believe that if some things don’t go my way, it’s for my own good, something better is definitely coming. I then work hard to see the best in the situation and I enjoy that best in that situation.

You have to expect great results and you will get great results, but only if you expect it.

Same thing happens if you expect the worst case scenario, that’s what you will get. Classic examples are if you are en-route and you’re expecting to run into a traffic jam, of course you will get traffic; if you are expecting not to be able to afford something and then proceed to ask for the price with that mindset, of course you won’t be able to afford it.

Why not try this? Expect to win, expect everything to go your way. Take the step with the thought that the only possible outcome is positive and success.

Take a step, expecting the last piece of life’s puzzle to fit to get the desired result. Just act like this for a day and see what happens. Expect the best and be filled with gratitude and happiness for it in advance.

Every day, expect to win. You have put too much action into it not to… those steps will add up. Expect it

Today is another great day to make it happen. Keep pushing on and keep it moving. Baby steps are better than no steps. Expect to win

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