We are still going through Body Shape Series. Today we are discussing the Inverted Triangle Body Shape.

The main feature of the Inverted Triangle Body Shape is that they tend to have broad shoulders with smaller waist and hips. The goal of every outfit is to provide an illusion of balance in your waist, hips, and shoulder. You do this by wearing clothes that give you curves and define your waist.

Characteristics of the Inverted Triangle

  • Shoulders are wider than the hip-line
  • Shoulders may be straight, squared, and strong-looking
  • The bust can range from small to big
  • Little to no waist definition
  • Hips look straight and flat compared to broad shoulders
  • The bottom is rather flat
  • Great legs often come with this body shape
  • Body shape projects a sporty and athletic physique

As a rule, you should stay away from wide necklines and pieces with strong shoulder details. This is because they will make your broad shoulders look bigger. Any piece that has serious detailing around the neck will have the same effect.

Wear pieces that will give you curves and pieces that will add volume to your hips. Avoid skinny and tight-fitting trousers because they make your bottom half look smaller.

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Styling your Body Shape Series- The Inverted Triangle Body Shape 1

Slimming necklines are the way to go for women with inverted triangle body shapes. U or V neck tops look great for this body shape because it draws attention away from the broad shoulders. Wide necklines tops like off-shoulder are a no-go area as they emphasise your broad shoulders.


Styling your Body Shape Series- The Inverted Triangle Body Shape 2

Trousers that add volume to your lower half are the best here. Palazzos, wide legs look good on women with inverted triangle body shapes. Bright coloured trousers are great because the brightness will highlight your sporty legs.

Your body proportions become more noticeable in skinny or tight-fitting trousers. So avoid them at all costs.


Inverted Triangle Body Shape

Dresses that add volume at your hips are the best for women with inverted triangle shapes. Dresses that flare at the waist like a-line dresses broaden your hips to match your shoulders.

Your dress should not draw attention to your shoulders and upper half.

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