As all fingers aren’t the same, it goes without saying that our bodies aren’t all the same. We have different body shapes. Knowing your body shape and dressing accordingly will save a lot of heart aches when shopping. This is because you wont spend your hard earned money on pieces that don’t look good for your body shape but are considered fashionable.

As women, our body shapes are broadly divided into 4: the Rectangle, Triangle/Pear, Apple/Inverted Triangle and Hourglass.

In these series, we will go through each body shape and learn how to effectively style them.

Today, we will focus on the Rectangle Body Shape.

The characteristics of the Rectangle Body Shape are follows:
Straight shoulder line
Bust and hips are approximately the same width
Very little to no waist definition
Straight hips and bottom
Lack of curves throughout the body frame
Weight gains typically distribute evenly throughout the body

Tops with curved necklines tend to look better on Rectangle Body Shape women than tops with square/straight necklines. Examples of curved necklines are v-neck, off shoulder and sweetheart necklines. This is because such tops will give your bust area some definition.

Avoid tops that finish at your waist and tops with fitted sleeves. As they make you look straight.

Dresses that give your waist much needed definition are great for women with Rectangle Body Shape. Such dresses will give the impression of curves when you wear them. Wrap dresses do a good job defining your waist. As a rectangle shaped woman, your wardrobe should have lot of wrap dresses.

Also, having a statement belt helps you look like you have a snatched waist. This makes belts your number one fashion accessory for your rectangle body shape.

You need trousers that will add volume and curves to your lower body. Trousers that are boot cut, flare or wide leg, do this effectively. Stay away from straight fitted trousers/jeans because they would make you look straight.

As a Rectangle Shaped women, wear pieces that will give the impression that you have curves. Any piece that will make you look straight should be avoided.


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