With the pandemic still raging on in different parts of the world, restrictions remain in place and health protocols continue to be crucial. But for many avid travelers, it’s understandable that the feeling of being cooped up — and the temptation to travel — increases by the minute. As regulations once again become tighter due to the Omicron variant of the COVID-19 virus, it becomes even more important to be well-prepared. If you do decide to make a trip, make sure you have these travel essentials ready to accompany you.

Travel Documents

Travel Essentials for 2022
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No matter where you are headed, you will need some form of documentation. Although this may vary depending on the destination, you might need proof of a negative COVID-19 test result, a pre-approval form, or a letter stating your purpose for travel. Moreover, if you want to avoid the hassle of looking for these documents individually on your mobile phone, print a copy for easy reference! If unfortunately, you lose your documents, you can reach out to your insurance provider. As we discussed on Exquisite Mag, general insurance can help protect us from events with a financial impact, such as accidents and traveling. Most companies have 24/7 phone support for passport, money, and documents coverage, and can assist you in your needs.

Face Masks

Travel Essentials for 2022
Image credit: Pexels Source:: https://www.pexels.com/photo/orange-and-green-label-airplane-ticket-69866

Probably one of the most important travel must-haves, face masks must always be available in your carry-on. Aside from it being required in most airlines and public spaces these days, it is your first line of defense from the new Coronavirus variants. But, since you will have to wear them for long periods, make sure that you have a few options with you. Also, check if your masks offer safety and comfort, especially for longer trips. If you intend to be active during your trip, you can pack reusable masks like the Uniqlo AIRism Face Mask or Under Armour Sports mask! These are machine-washable masks that offer breathability, safety, and comfort.

Hand Sanitizer and Disinfecting Wipes

Travel Essentials for 2022 1
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It is not enough to be protected from the virus using masks; you also have to disinfect now and then. While handwashing is still the best way to clean your hands according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, you cannot do that while traveling. To lessen your chances of being contaminated, use sanitizers for your hands and sanitizing wipes for objects you always touch, such as your phone, keys, or anything you set on dirty surfaces. Your disinfectants must be made with at least 60% alcohol for better cleaning.


Travel Essentials for 2022 2
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It’s important to enjoy every moment of your trip before you go back to quarantining again! Do not forget to bring your camera with you. Take pictures of scenery, landscapes, and people you will meet and see as you explore your chosen destination. Just make sure to pack your waterproof camera bag and charging accessories as well, so your photo-snapping will not get interrupted. Wherever you plan on going, always be prepared. As mentioned by the World Travel and Tourism Council, learn about the health protocols of your destination as some places might have them stricter than the rest. Also, pack these travel essentials with you for an enjoyable, memorable, and safe trip this 2021!


Article written by: Jacey Russell

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