Spa Saturday- Hydro Massage 1

People go through a lot of stress on a daily basis and a good massage will do. Bit like my younger sister, a lot of people are also scared of massage, especially the traditional one. I love it though, but there are times I crave the machine massage.

Now, for those who do not like the manual/traditional massage, here is an interesting one for you….HYDRO MASSAGE!

Did I hear you whisper “what is a hydro massage?”. Not too worry, I’ll tell you in a bit.

It is the use of water pressure to apply massage techniques to the human body. Hydro massage creates awareness of the body, reduces anxiety levels, gives a sense of well-being, improves the ability to monitor stress signals, gives a feeling of peace of mind, all these and more…..

Hmmm…I definitely should get a hydro massage, don’t know about you though..
But note:

Before getting a hydro massage, consult your physician to ensure that no health risks are involved for you.

Go on and enjoy your massage, baby…

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