It can be quite annoying to get shoe you love, only to discover that it’s a little too tight. That feeling of disappointment and loss can be avoided. Here’s a tip on how to expand your tight shoes.
We all know our shoes sizes, but when we shop, especially online, we order our right size of shoes but sometimes, the shoe designer can cut the size a little too small (or too big) and because the shoes were not tried on for size at the time of purchase, they could end up being a tiny bit too small.
On the other hand, you might be one of us that our perfect shoe size includes half. See I’m a perfect UK 6 but sometimes, even a 6 is a little big for me, so I opt for UK 5.5 and then expand it if I need to.
For any of the above concern, we have a remedy for you. You don’t have to return them or buy another shoe design you don’t particularly like, especially if it’s just a tiny bit smaller, you can DIY expand them yourself. Here’s how:
1. Get a thick pair of cotton socks and put them on.
2. Slip your feet into your tight shoes.
3. Get a hair dryer.
4. Set your hair dryer to medium heat.
5. Blast each shoe for at least 30 seconds, moving the nozzle around the shoe and as the shoe is heating, wriggle hour toes and bend your foot to help stretch the shoe. Do the same to the other foot.
6. Continue wearing the shoe till it cools down.
By the time the shoes have cooled down, they would have expanded. If they are still a bit tight, try the process again.
Now your can enjoy your new pair of shoes in the design you like.

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Tewa Onasanya is the Publisher and Editor in Chief of Exquisite Magazine.

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