This week on our Lookbook segment, we’re featuring 1985 Collection by Lola Buttons.

Eponymous fashion brand, Lola Buttons debuts her birthday inspired collection-1985.

Featuring 8 subset pieces, the collection celebrates the strength of a woman, her ability to nurture and care, to grow and bloom.

1985 derives inspiration from the appreciation of life and its many possibilities. It also commemorates 10 years of the brand’s position of delivering quality and immersive fashion options for the modern day woman.
Reckoned for its unique detailing and interweaving of African elements, to its end product, Lola Buttons stretches away from the usual.

With a focus on fun and intricate patterns, the chic collection presents to women an appeal that translates to freedom and expression in fashion.

This collection is for the Fun, Flirty, Girly, Independent, Strong and Powerful woman, who is not afraid to embrace her femininity!

In the spirit of Celebrating Women, here are the beautiful pieces from the 1985 collection made for the goddess in you:

1985 Collection by Lola Buttons

1985 Collection by Lola Buttons

1985 Collection by Lola Buttons

1985 Collection by Lola Buttons



Creative Director: @lolabuttonsng Styling: @hyperfashun Photographer: @kayceekonceptsphotography Makeup: @martiebeauty
Model: @lolabuttonsng
Shoot Décor: @rareoccasions_events Dress: @lolabuttons


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