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Could the way you dress in hopes of love and prosperity be holding you back from these exact things? Clothing sends signals about the wearer, intentionally or not. Sometimes, the styles that appear to attract do the exact opposite. Read on to find out if the solution is in your closet.

1. As I am? You can be comfortable and cute at the same time. Skip faded and frumpy T-shirts oversized loungewear for casually cute sets that help you feel and look good, even on a chill night in. Style is for you, 24/7. (Insider tip: If you don’t have it, you won’t wear it. Forgo uninspiring items and avoid buyer’s remorse.)
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2. *SPOILER ALERT*: Who likes a prematurely revealed movie ending? Likewise, give your other half a chance to look forward to being your Boaz. Imagine his pride in knowing there’s a special difference in you that his mates don’t know about-a wifely difference! Dress to reflect your hidden virtue while showcasing your style.
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3. Tight is right? It drew attention, but did it draw respect? Clothing that glides along the silhouette maintains a feminine appearance without constricting the figure. Well-fitted pieces help you look great while avoiding comparison and stress from feeling self-conscious. Turn heads without heartache by showcasing elegance. Femininity is the attraction, not baring it all. When mystery is lost (*SPOILER ALERT*), the thrill is gone. There is nothing left to be intrigued by.
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4. Vibrant over vulgar- The more things change, the more they stay the same. How you present yourself to society reveals your mental state, attitude, and level of respect for others and yourself. Wearing revealing clothing may not seem like a big deal, but consider this: the next time you’re choosing what to wear, think of someone you consider intelligent and highly successful. Now imagine them in the same outfit. If it seems strange, don’t treat yourself the same way. You are just as important as them, but a healthy mindset must first begin with you.

(Model citizen: If you inspired a child to dress like you, how would you feel?)
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