1.The new balenciaga crocs to run between $500 and $1500, are you rocking this or trashing it?

Fashion: WEAR OR TRASH 1

2.i think see-through materials are toping the trend list lately, so ladies!!! what do you think….wear or trash?

Fashion: WEAR OR TRASH 2

3. I’m not sure i know what to call this, but it looks like some sort of shade….lol. would you wear this? if yes, where to?

Fashion: WEAR OR TRASH 3

4. pharrel Williams steps out in style wearing a celine coat, chanel headscarf and adidas footwear. Guys,do you see yourself rocking this look?

Fashion: WEAR OR TRASH 4

5. I’m just going to let the ladies decide on this one…..wear or trash?

Fashion: WEAR OR TRASH 5

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