I’m sure you’d love to opt for an expensive wardrobe but your wallet has other ideas. Cheap for some people, could be N100,000 while for others, it could be as low as N50 (Trust me, there are fairly used clothes that go for that price). Either ways, you don’t have to spend a fortune to create a classy-looking wardrobe, just a few changes to your clothes could make a huge difference.

1.Get It Tailored

Tailoring an outfit turns a casual dress to a fashion statement. If the fit of the outfit isn’t verified before/after purchase, take them to a tailor before you take them home. Amending them doesn’t just make the cloths fit better, it makes you look and feel good. If you do not want to amend all your clothes or aren’t used to adjustment, just go for items you wear the most such as jackets, belts, accessories, scarfs etc that will help compliment your dress.

2.Change The Buttons.

Ordinary plastic buttons can make your cloths look cheap or casual.They can be replaced with buttons with metal, bone, or mother of pearl. You can also harvest them from old clothes you don’t wear anymore. You can replace them yourself by cutting out the old ones and sewing in new ones or give them to the dry cleaner(s) to amend.

3.Choose Good Looking Fabrics.

It is very important to go for good materials, not fabrics that are shiny, scream synthetic and often come across as cheap. It is advisable to go for fabrics like cotton, linen, or low cost suede as they can be inexpensive. They look and wear much better than other fabrics such as rayon and acrylic.
Polyester can sometimes look nice in some cases; hold it up to the light to see if it looks shiny, then run your hands over it to see how it feels against your skin. This is to help decide if its good enough to wear or not.

4.Do Not Over-wash

Everyone wants to keep everything clean but washing is usually not the answer. Washing clothes actually wears down the fabrics and fades the colour, making them look old and cheap. Wash mark or stains spots with a sponge or toothbrush and if something starts to smell, stick it in the freezer for the night….It actually works.

5.Keep It Simple

When it comes to extras on the end of low cost clothes, such as embellishments, it is best to not go for them since details like these are really hard to maintain on a low budget. On the other hand, simple clothes with clean lines automatically elevate your outfit. You may want to consider streamlining your look as a whole. For example, instead of buying a fringed green shirt with silver accent, go for a sleek V-neck shirt with no embellishments that you can accessorize.

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