Has your husband been a bit distant lately? Is he glancing at other women more often? Have you been trying to do more around the house, but nothing seems to work? Ladies, the remedy may be closer than you think…read on for more details. (Gents, don’t think I’ve forgotten about you! ? Advice for the guys coming soon)

1. While nurturing a relationship, have you forgotten to nurture yourself? It may be as simple as you aren’t dressing up like when you first began dating. Cooking and upholding responsibilities is awesome! God will bless you for doing the right thing. But don’t let life or a few changes in your appearance stop you from looking great. You can make a difference; it is up to you.

Fashion - A Sight for Sore Eyes 1
2. After a long day at work and a circus of a commute, would you like to come home and see something pleasant or…not so pleasant? How you groom yourself determines how you are treated in every aspect of life. If you always dressed up when he first met you, a sudden or gradual change into less isn’t fair to your husband or yourself. Ladies, please invest in lovely satin headscarves and pillowcases to still look nice while protecting your hairstyle. (Think about it: If you’re already living together before marriage and no longer dressing up, do you think he will be impressed any further? If he’s already seen the best of you, what would encourage him to stay- talk more of making a lifelong commitment? True love still waits.)

Fashion - A Sight for Sore Eyes 2
3. Women are blessed with the ability to make a little seem like a lot-and transform in 90 minutes or less. Make the most of your time and refresh your look. Even if you work on one thing a day, soon it will develop into a habit and you will return to the stylish lady you know you are. Begin with the more pressing issues like hair and refine until achieving success in the smallest details. Maintaining an affordable and easy-to-maintain hairstyle will reduce a great amount of stress. Adapt this mindset to the rest of your beauty and wardrobe ideas and watch more stress fade day by day.

Fashion - A Sight for Sore Eyes 3

BY: StyleItKell, beauty and fashion contributor

PHOTO BY: Revealia Photography (IG: @revealiaphotography

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