Jenny or Dazzle as fondly called is a charmer entrepreneur. She started her business out of sheer curiosity and desperation; enjoy the rest of interview as she shares her experience from the past 2 years with EM’S DAMILOLA SHOTE

1)Tell us about you and your Educational Background?

My name is Jennifer Oghenekaro Amarhavwie. I am from Abraka, Delta State. I grew up in Sapele, Delta State. I studied Building in the University of Lagos, Nigeria, and I decided to settle in Lagos.

How long have you been in business?

I have been in this business for 2 years. I started DazzleFresh Nigeria in 2015.

Tell us about the service you provide?

I am a nutritional adviser. I help people live the life that they deserve while eating the food that they love. I help people lose weight, with a focus on detoxification. I also provide meal plans for diabetics, vegans, pregnant and nursing mothers. I make cold pressed detoxification juice and healthy meals. I believe that you do not have to starve to be healthy. I teach people how to achieve good health and a great body without starving.

What inspired you to start this sort of business?

I began DazzleFresh Nigeria out of sheer curiosity and desperation. Curiosity because I was constantly looking for ways to lose weight without going on some fad diet. I totally love food and I needed a way to lose weight and maintain the weightloss without starving. As it worked, people began to ask questions.

Desperation because my dad is diabetic, his brothers were diabetic, and I felt that it was in my genes. So I was always researching and reading about how to take care of my health in order to prevent diabetes. I began juicing vegetables and fruits. And that’s how the DazzleFresh Cleanse was born.

How did you find the business when you first started?

When I first started, I was so focused on being perfect; and that helped me a lot. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to achieve regarding my brand but I was bent on the cleanse working perfectly for everyone who purchased it. But my packaging wasn’t all that, I needed to grow DazzleFresh as a brand that people would identify with.

What are the challenges you faced?

I had the challenge of meeting up with orders. At a point, my orders blew up, so much more than I expected. I couldn’t handle it and I was too afraid to let anyone handle anything. I was afraid of delegating and it was so much work for me.

I also couldn’t get staff that I trusted to do work in my absence.

What is your staff strength, and how do you manage them?

For now, I have 6 people who work with me.

I am currently building a structure so I’m training them to work without supervision.

Did you have to train your staff so they can effectively advice your clients?

Yes, they are trained to respond to customers and advise them adequately. Training is constant and never ending. I pick a day a week for training.

What is most exciting about what you do?

I am always fulfilled and excited when customers return to tell me how a cleanse worked for them. Some customers take me through the process daily to explain how they no longer feel bloated, how their metabolism increased, sugar levels reduced and how they have achieved weightloss. It is very fulfilling and satisfying for me. I can feel their excitement and that makes it all worth it.

What is the vision for the company?

We are committed to helping people lead authentic, healthy and energy filled lives.

What word of advice would you render to women and men who want to start a business in your field?

I advise everyone who wants to be in the health business to be knowledgeable. Read, read, and read. Follow up with the trends. There’s so much to learn, new studies and findings.

Also, you must have your clients’ interest at heart. If you focus on only the money, you cannot find new ways to help them.

Consistency is also key. Don’t stop going even when you are not recognized. Your top priority is the health of your clients.

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