Ladies, makeup is creative and fun, but there are key parts that make the difference between “slay” and “nay”. Here are some major makeup hacks to help perfect your look!

Highlighting is supposed to showcase angles already found in the face in a shimmering, light-catching finish. It depends on face shape! Contouring is to enhance facial dimension with a subtle, matte finish. The key to both is applying with a light, gentle hand for a photo-worthy finish. Less is more; heavier makeup is to hold a perfect look under stage lighting for acting or stunning runway looks.

People tout oval faces as the “ideal” face shape, but each one is truly ideal if it is your own (and who does not love a round, youthful face?). If a lady with a square-shaped face highlights and contours based on a heart-shaped face, it will not only distort her features, but hide her beauty. A heavy highlight/contour on a slim nose will make it appear even slimmer, taking it out of balance with the rest of the face (and inadvertently making the face appear wider-this is where many begin to apply extra contour to the cheeks to balance out what was not there to begin with). Keep balance between your features and makeup.

Which brings me to my next point: foundation should match your natural color. The look of one continuous skin color beats wearing lighter or deeper foundation any day. Make a note of which foundations oxidize (changes color when exposed to oxygen) and purchase one shade lighter to ultimately reach your ideal color. What matches from the bottle may not work once applied. (Guys, sometimes it is not a girl despising her skin color; she simply bought the wrong colour.)

Here comes a shocker: translucent powder is fine to use! If your skin is blemish-free, a little powder to prevent shine is fine! Using foundation without having a deep-pore cleansing routine will lead to skin blemishes. Keep it simple and avoid a myriad of problems. Foundation is fun when used in reason, so let your skin breathe often and keep foundation as a fun option, not a daily need.

BY: StyleItKell, beauty and fashion contributor

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