Having to wear suits, pants and shirt and all those serious work/office wears could be boring sometimes. But do you really have a choice? You may ask, “why can’t I just wear T-shirt and a pair of jeans to work? The answer is “NO”, especially if it’s on any other day of the week, except Friday, which is a bit flexible. Of course, this is the answer you get from almost every organisation.
Not too worry, my friend, I’ve got good news for you…(dancing)

There are cute ways you can wear your T-shirts and still look formal in them. Have you heard the word “PACKAGING”? Exactly! That is the word! All you need is the proper packaging, the appropriate combination and you’ll lool super great and formal in your T-shirts. Check out ways you can wear them.

Your T-shirts on a pencil skirt, with a denim Jean jacket to go on it and a pair of heels. You’re on your way to looking cool and classy, baby!

Once you have your wrap coat on, your T-shirts becomes a secret. No one would know what you have underneath(smile).

Go colourful with a printed pant and have your T-shirt tucked in, with a pair of wedges. Great!

This is a perfect Monday look! A T-shirt, midi skirt and a pair of pointees.

Your Fridays just got a lot cooler and trendier!!!

Photo credit: www.redbookmag.com

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