If there’s one piece of cloth around which our life revolves, it has to be jeans, not just any type, but trendy jeans.

Everyone owns a pair of jeans, it’s one piece of clothing that is so versatile and can be styled with any other clothing, and there are different styles for you to try on.

Here are a few we’ve decided to focus on:

Skinny jeans

Trendy jeans- skinny jeans

One thing most of us cannot do without is our one favorite pair of black skinny jeans that practically goes with everything we own. Skinny jeans are skin-hugging as the name suggests and just snuggle you. For showing off the perfect shape of your legs, these are the best option in the market. 


Boyfriend jeans

8 Trendy Jeans To Have In Your Closet 1

This doesn’t mean that you wear your boyfriend’s jeans. But the whole idea behind these jeans is to make them look baggy and loose on you as if you are wearing your boyfriend’s jeans. It is tighter around your hips and loosens down on your legs. These are great for you if you have thicker thighs. 


Bootcut jeans

8 Trendy Jeans To Have In Your Closet 2

The 60s and 70s styles of jeans made a comeback in 2017. These jeans suit well for all body types which is always a plus. The biggest plus point is that it makes you look taller. These jeans are wider at the bottom giving them a disfigured look and should be paired with high heels for a more distinguished look.



8 Trendy Jeans To Have In Your Closet 3

Jeggings have to be the most comfortable piece of clothing out there for your bottoms. They are comfortable, stretchy and a perfect fit for the fashionista in you. They often come with a waistband instead of your regular buttons and zips. This easy to wear jeans for girls are the best jean twist added to your regular jeans.

High-waist jeans

High waist jeans - trendy jeans

The fashion trend of 2018 is these jeans for girls. With crop tops and bralettes so much in fashion, for bottom apparel, everyone’s first choice is high-waist jeans. These look better as they fit your natural waistline and cover your belly fat which is always a plus!


Ripped jeans

8 Trendy Jeans To Have In Your Closet 4

Earlier, we used to throw away jeans that got torn, and now, we cut out jeans using blades and sandpaper for the cool quotient. Ripped jeans have become super famous and everyone’s favorite. 

Side-slit button-up tape jeans

Trendy jeans

As odd as they may have sounded, this new 2018 trend has taken the fashion world by storm. All clothing websites have been selling them in bulk and they look so high fashion and casual at the same time.


Lastly Jogger jeans

8 Trendy Jeans To Have In Your Closet 5

Last but not least had to be the place for the most comfortable one, Jogger Jeans. casual and fashionable.

Written by Uchechukwu 

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