A mental breakdown can happen suddenly and can be fatal if it is not treated with the utmost care.

Anything that leads to excessive stress can trigger it. In general, feeling stress and being unable to cope with it may lead to feeling so overwhelmed that you can’t perform your normal daily functions.

Some things that might trigger a Mental breakdown include:

Low Concentration 

Studies have shown that stress affects both your mind and your body. Long-term stress can lead to structural changes in the brain, which can affect your memory and lead to difficulty concentrating. In extreme cases, too much cortisol can even lead to memory loss.

Extreme Tiredness

Too much stress may leave you feeling extreme fatigue. You may feel tired because you’re not sleeping enough, or you may even feel tired because you’re sleeping too much. Over time, chronic exhaustion along with stress can lead to a mental breakdown. 

Unstable Appetite

Stress can bring about changes in your appetite. Some people deal with stress by eating too much which can lead to unwanted weight gain. For others, stress can also lead to loss of appetite.

Lack Of Sleep

For some people, excessive stress may cause insomnia, making it difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep. When you can’t sleep, your brain and body can’t recover from stress, which, in turn, can lead to worsening stress and anxiety. A lack of sleep can also affect your physical health as well as your mental health.

Others may respond to stress by oversleeping, which may also lead to mental and physical problems. 

Fake Visions

In some instances, extreme stress can even cause hallucinations. You might hear or see things that aren’t really there.

How To Cope With A Mental Breakdown

Reducing your number of daily obligations

Taking a walk or adding some form of exercise to your routine

Eating a healthful diet

Taking a break when you need it

Practicing meditation

Spending time in nature


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