Lagos Fashion Week 2022 is here already and about to make an even bigger statement than it did last year.

It returns with an even bigger and more exciting lineup. With physical shows and events slated for the 26th to the 30th of October. Be sure to expect a fun-filled fashion wonderland.

Although getting dressed for Lagos Fashion Week should be fun, you need to factor in that this event is a week-long marathon, and putting together an outfit can be a hassle. It should be about wearing what you feel is the best while saving time and constructing outfits that keep up with the busy schedule.

A combination of ease, adaptability, and statement pieces works best when choosing how you want to look for fashion week. You can use the wardrobe ideas from our editors below as a style guide for Lagos Fashion Week.

Wear Vibrant Colours

Lagos fashion week 2022

You’re definitely making an unmissable entrance with bold colours at Lagos Fashion Week. 

Opt for Statement Pieces 

Lagos Fashion Week 2022 - What You Can Wear 1

Show-stopping pieces and accessories can instantly upgrade your look effortlessly. 

Play with Patterns

Patterns and prints are always a good idea. They do the talking without you having to say a word. 

Colour Coordinate your Outfit 

Why settle for one colour when you can have more? Putting together an ensemble in different colours is usually a good—and eye-catching—move. The maximalist would agree with this. 

Opt for a Monochromatic Ensemble 

Lagos fashion week 2022

When in doubt, you can go for an all-white or all-black everything. It’s effortless and timeless!

A Blend of Comfort & Versatility 

Instead of platform shoes this season, choose a pair of ultra-chic sneakers or mules. Your feet will cherish it.

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