A statement belt is a belt that stands out and draws attention when worn. It’s an accessory that screams look at me. The size of a statement belt is irrelevant, it can be thick or thin, bold or detailed to stand out.

A belt is a must-have accessory in every woman’s wardrobe. They are used to hold your trousers up but style has evolved to the point where we wear belts in various other ways.

Wearing a belt on your natural waist, lower or high waist helps to define that particular part of the body. It can be worn over a dress.

How To Wear A Statement Belt The Right Way 1

Choosing a Statement Belts:

You need to find a belt that suits your body figure great you will ensure you walk around looking and feeling good. So if you’re petite, then a skinny belt is what you need to define your waist. But, if you love wider belts, then the wider the belt, the more you want to match the belt with your dress. Wearing a belt that matches your top will make you look taller.

How To Wear A Statement Belt The Right Way 2
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For tall women, wider belts look most proportional on your beautiful tall frame.

If you’re an hourglass shape, then any belt will bring out your curves but, don’t wear statement belts lower than your natural waist, as that will make you look bigger than you are. When wearing wider belts, try them on your natural waist or above it. You can try thinner belts on your high waist unless you’re tall.

How To Wear A Statement Belt The Right Way

How to Wear a Belt if you have a Belly/FUPA:

Wearing a statement belt helps create and define your waistline, even with a Fupa. The best way to wear a statement belt with a Fupa is to wear it in the middle of your FUPA. If you wear it exactly below your bust might make you look like you’re about a birth a food baby. Another way is to wear a monochromatic outfit and pick a belt in a similar shade to that of your clothes. Moreover, wearing a statement belt too low doesn’t look right.

How To Wear A Statement Belt The Right Way

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