Let me just say that I have a bias towards anything that’s “high-waisted” and this is why; whether as skirts or pants or denim or shorts they all have the ability to create the cinched look around the waistline (you know we’re all about that waist) especially when its a Highwaist Cuff Jeans

Anyways, it’s even better when the high waist is ruched or shirred as this creates a much better illusion of a cinched waistline, reducing the appearance of a FUPA.

Black Straight jeans? Yes Please!

So If you own one of these and weren’t entirely sure what to do with them? You’re welcome! And if you’ve considered getting yourself a pair of one of these Highwaist Cuff Jeans? Please do! They’re easy to wear, super stylish and the perfect dress up or down kinda denim.

Highwaist Cuff Jeans 3 Ways To Style Highwaist Cuff Jeans 1 3 Ways To Style Highwaist Cuff Jeans 2

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