Everyone is a ticking time bomb in a country like Nigeria but, it’s so easy to be polite if you’re truly intentional about learning it.

There was a contention between the Gen z (younger generation) and millennia’s (older generation ) who is more respectful, but I believe it is the millennia generation.

But one thing we need to know is that being polite can help you have better relationships with people and even open doors for you professionally.

So easy to be polite

It’s also a great way to make other people feel appreciated and comfortable around you. And Politeness is easy to learn and will become second nature the more you practice. So here are some ways to practice politeness.


Smile when greeting someone

Nigerians find it difficult to smile to strangers, and I don’t know why!

When first meeting or greeting someone, please offer them a warm smile. Smiling indicates that you are in good spirits and are happy to see them.

It helps to establish friendliness from the beginning as the smile is the first impression that people usually make when meeting someone

Say hello

Instead of just walking by someone you know or ignoring someone you are supposed to be meeting, greet them with a warm ‘hello.’ You do not need to wait for them to say it to you first; it’s okay to be the initiator.

Shake hands firmly and assertively

When meeting someone, take their hand into your right hand and grasp it firmly, shaking it up and down once, not multiple times, the idea is to shake not break his or her hand. Respect the other person by not squeezing their hand too hard in an attempt to “dominate” them.
It’s so easy to be polite

Make eye contact if it is culturally appropriate

When in conversation with someone, look them in the eyes a little over half the time you’re speaking. Maintaining eye contact shows that you are paying attention. Staring at them for long, however, can be perceived as rude so break eye contact often to avoid staring.

If eye contact is hard for you, you can fake it by looking at someone’s nose or chin. (They usually can’t tell the difference.) 

Say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’

When asking someone to do something for you, always say ‘please.’ After someone has done something for you, always say ‘thank you’ don’t just walk away. Let others know that you appreciate and value their contributions.

Make small talk

Instead of jumping right into business or serious discussion with someone, make small talk first. Discuss their day, or anything. Talk about the movies or shows you’re watching lately or books that you’re reading. This will help break the ice.


Dear EM readers, let’s start our week on a good note by following these rules.


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