I know being a Nigerian gives you a lot of freedom to exhibit some characters, that most people would even overlook, but if you want to brush up your character and learn how to behave in public, then,  here are 5 social etiquettes to abide to.


Learn to mind your business


Yea, it’s good to give advice to people when you think they need it or to want to help when you feel people are in trouble. But the thing is, if people don’t approach you with their problems, there’s no need to poke your nose into issues that don’t concern you.

Nigerians love to give unsolicited advice and, even though the intentions are good, it is still not right.


Stop laughing when people are serious!


Our friends do this a lot and this can be very painful. Imagine when you’re trying to say something that is really hurting you but they’re laughing over it.

Yea, sometimes you cannot control your laughter, but if you are tempted to laugh when your friends are hurting, consider how they will feel when they realize that their feelings are of less importance to you.

Remember that that present situation is not about you, it is about them, so do them the honor of keeping a straight face while listening to them, it would mean a lot to your friend.


Stop trivializing your offense


Instead of simply apologizing for the wrong things we have done, most times we try to avoid the situation.

Nigerians need to learn the act of owning up to our shortcomings, apologizing for them, and then making a resolve not to repeat them.


Follow the rules!


Why do we like to pass corners and not obey rules? Some people will see about 50 other people in a queue but wouldjump to the front. Obeying rules are very important. You cannot pass one-way or zoom off when the traffic light turns red and still expect to be applauded.


Stop Looking into people’s phones


Do not look into people’s phone, it’s their private property and it’s outright rude and disrespectful. Even if your neighbor is watching a movie in public without an earphone, try not to interfere, it is not your phone!


And come to think of it, why do we play loud music in public without an earphone??? That’s a discussion for another day. Please let’s all try to abide by these social etiquettes.


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