Your Personal style is how a person chooses to express themselves with how they look. It is how a person uses their clothing, accessories and hairstyle to show their personality.

Personal style is finding out the kind of pieces you like and how you like them. As opposed, to jumping from one fashion trend to another.

Knowing your personal style is essential to have a stylish wardrobe on a budget as you will be able to streamline your shopping to what fits your personal style.


Look to your own wardrobe:

Go through your wardrobe and look for the pieces that make you glad. Your favourite pieces will be the starting point for finding your personal style. Such pieces will speak your personality.

Personal Style

Find fashion inspiration:

The kind of fashion that inspires you shows your personal style. So look at your family and friends whose style you admire. Spend time on social media/blogs to observe how your favorite influencers/celebrities dress.

Style On A Budget: Knowing Your Personal Style

Create a fashion mood board:

You put all the things that have inspired you on a mood board. Pinterest is a great mood board.

This way, you would be able to see common traits in the things that inspire you. For instance, if you have a lot of joggers and sneakers, you can say your personal style is more Athleisure. Keep the pictures on your phone for use as a guide, when going shopping. So you buy pieces that fit your personal style.

Style On A Budget: Knowing Your Personal Style 1

Create a capsule wardrobe:

A capsule wardrobe is a collection of basics that you can mix and match to create effortless looks. (Include a link to the previous post on how to create a capsule wardrobe

Style On A Budget: Knowing Your Personal Style 2

Experiment with unique style choices:

After putting together your capsule wardrobe, you can add statement pieces. Doing so would upgrade your looks. You would have to try different things, to find what suits your personal style.

Remember, your personal style should prove what you like and your lifestyle. So what you buy should center on your personal style. So, you won’t waste money buying style trends that you don’t really like.


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