Athleisure is one of the coolest style trends at the moment. It’s wearing pieces meant for sporting activities, in other settings. For instance, wearing your sneakers to work. People started wearing athleisure pieces in other settings because they are so comfortable. Imagine going on a date with a bae in pair of sweatpants. You will be comfortable whilst looking sexy, ease with a side of sexy. Love it.

What Comprises of Athleisure Wear?

  • Yoga pants
  • Sneakers
  • Jogger pants
  • Gym tanks
  • Leggings
  • Tights
  • Shorts
  • Sneakers
  • Sweatpants

We will show how to slay athleisure at 4 different settings as follows:

Business Casual: 

Athleisure Trend

When trying athleisure for work, it’s important for you to try work-appropriate colours. Choose colours like navy blue, black, and other classic colours.  Also, don’t wear prints that look too sporty. For example, a full Adidas tracksuit is more sporty than business casual. So stick with prints can fit into the work environment.

Date Night: 

How To Jump On The Athleisure Trend 1

You can rock your athleisure pieces for a night out with Bae.  All you have to do is dress your pieces up. You can elevate your sweatpants with a bralette as we did here. Another idea is to pair your gym leggings with a crop top and heeled mules. This way you get to show off your curves and stay sporty.

Outings with Your Girls:

How To Jump On The Athleisure Trend 2

One of the stylish athleisure brands out here is Beyonce’s, Ivy Park. Beyonce released her latest collection for her brand earlier this year. The question on everyone’s lips is whether the pieces were for going to the gym or going out. As we are awaiting the QUEEN’S response, you can try this green matching set and sneakers from her collection. when you go out with your girls.


How To Jump On The Athleisure Trend 3

For the actual gym and sporting activities, you try matching pieces like this Reebok set.


You can elevate your athleisure with different accessories like a face cap, cute backpack, or sunglasses.

Sis, Don’t wear athleisure pieces for weddings or job interviews.  The rule is the more casual an occasion, the more appropriate it is for you to wear athleisure pieces.


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