As expected of the land of whisky, braveheart, tartan, haggis and sheepherders, Scotland does not conform to a single definition. An awesome blend of ancient heritage, nature’s best sights, and landscapes that captivate the soul, whilst providing the perfect outdoor environment for residents and visitors, Scotland is a must-visit tourist location.

Scotland’s main language by custom and usage is English, with Gaelic, Scots, British Sign Language and minority languages making up the country’s other main language groups. It has a total population of over 5 million people, where 480,000 reside in the capital, Edinburgh, while Glasgow has a population of 580,000. With a land area of 30,000 sq miles, Scotland is a constituent territory of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The unit of currency used in Germany is the Pound Sterling.

Where to go in Scotland – Region and Areas

From the awe-inspiring landscapes and wilds of Scotland’s Highlands and Islands to culture-rich cities in Edinburgh or Glasgow, a trip to Scotland will leave you with a different choice of beautiful tourist attractions.

When planning a holiday trip to Scotland, here is a list of five top-rated tourist attractions in Scotland:


Travel to Scotland

Popularly known for its magnificent castle and historic ancient towns and heritage, Edinburgh remains one of the top regions to visit on the list of any tourist. It always plays host to the Edinburgh festival in August, an event known as the world’s largest art event.


Travel to Scotland - The Land of Whisky & Tartan 1

Just an hour west of Edinburgh lies Scotland’s biggest city and the fourth-most populous city in the United Kingdom; Glasgow. It boasts of rich architectural heritage, a lively social and cultural life. It was the European Capital of Culture in 1990 and it is notable for its culture, media, music scene, sports club and transport connections.

Scottish Highlands

Travel to Scotland - The Land of Whisky & Tartan 2

A historic region of Scotland is the Scottish Highlands. It is sparsely populated, with many mountain ranges, and it also has the highest mountain in the British Isles, Ben Nevis. It is marked by the Highland Boundary Fault which cuts across central Scotland. Some of the easily reached places in the Highlands include the lochs, hills and wooded glens of the Trossachs and Loch Lomond.


Moving further north the Scottish Highlands is Perthshire and the Grampian hills of Angus and Deeside, which shows the countryside at its richest, with colourful woodlands rising to the majestic mountain peaks.

The Great Glen

Travel to Scotland - The Land of Whisky & Tartan 3

With 79 miles of path, track, canal and loch to discover, the Great Glen Way has something for all wayfarers. Whether travelling by Boot, Boat or Bike, get set for your own special journey.

Top Tourist Attractions – Travel to Scotland

If you are looking for some of the top tourist attractions on your next visit to Scotland, here’s an overview of just a few landmarks and attractions in Scotland:

  • Loch Ness
  • West Highland Railway
  • Edinburgh’s Skyline
  • The Cullin Range

When is the best time to visit Scotland?

Before you decide to visit Scotland, you need to consider the weather condition. June, July and August are some of the most popular months to visit Scotland as the weather is generally mild or warm during these periods. August in Edinburgh is Festival time, so for these reasons, the best time to visit Scotland might be May or September when the weather is good with less crowd around.

Things you need to know before going to Scotland?

  • Scotland is not England. Scotland and Scottish people have their own identity, culture and ancient heritage.
  • Don’t confuse “Scots” with “Scotch”. Scots refers to people from Scotland, while Scotch means things of Scottish origin.
  • Scotland is a relatively expensive place to visit, with travel, food and accommodation costs higher than the EU average.

What to pack for a trip to Scotland?

  • Waterproof jacket and umbrella
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Insect repellant
  • A three-pin plug adaptor if you plan to travel outside the UK.

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