Clean – all products are made with mostly natural ingredients and are free of harmful substances. Conscious- all products are made to care for your skin extracting goodness from plant-based ingredients. Simple – we are all about helping you build a simple skincare routine.

With three main standpoints, today’s EM  business feature is this beauty, cosmetic and personal care brand that is concerned about clean and conscious beauty. Launched three years ago, Acen Beauty is a Nigerian skincare line that helps individuals start the continuous journey of understanding their skin and also feeding it with what it needs per time.

Acen Beauty

From beauty products ranging from lashes, eyeshadow, palettes, lip brillos, they are carefully made for all skin types. The recently launched skincare arm of the brand features some of the best skin products from the ROSE CLAY; a pink powder clay mask that cleanses, detoxifies and tightens pores with added skin brightening benefits, the REBALANCING TONER SERUM; a toner-serum hybrid that squeezes 2 steps into 1 to help you keep a simple routine, to the SPHENE; a blend of non-comedogenic oils that makes it perfect for all skin types.

All current range of products from Acen Beauty is for all skin types, as they do not contain isolated actives but plant extracts, hydrosols and oils among other mild ingredients to help you maintain healthy skin. To ascertain the value of this Nigerian beauty brand, a trip to their Instagram review section features beautiful feedback from satisfied customers. Feedback like “Amazing, especially the toner! I love it so much” and other amazing reviews attest to the quality of ingredients that goes into each Acen Beauty Product.

Your skin deserves some love as you step into the harmattan season, get yourself some products from Acen Beauty. Say hello to Acen Beauty here!

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