Blazers are cool but after a while wearing them can be boring. I mean how many ways can you spice up a blazer especially for us working girls who have to wear one daily? The answer is not many ways.

However, there is one hack that will instantly add vava voom to your blazer fit – BELTED BLAZER. It is a belt because the belt will cinch in all the right places, giving you a slimming effect on your entire look.

Ideally, the best Belted blazer are those that are already quite fitted and don’t have any excess volume.  A too-straight-shaped blazer (man-style) will not belt as well and may have too much fabric that makes it feel bulky when belted. The fabric needs to be softer so that any cinching of the fabric doesn’t add lots of bulk. Stiff fabrics will stand out from your body and will crumple in a less than ideal way when belted. The blazer must be worn buttoned up too before the belt is added.  If you can’t do it up, then don’t add a belt over the top.

So when you are styling blazers, try to incorporate a belt and let us know how it goes.

BELTED BLAZER: Add Spice to Your Blazers 1 BELTED BLAZER BELTED BLAZER: Add Spice to Your Blazers 2 BELTED BLAZER: Add Spice to Your Blazers 3

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