Fashion and art brands festival creators are finding that digital technologies are a great way to reach out to GenZs. But it takes some form of digital marketing to achieve this.

In April 2022, one of Nigeria’s popular and buzziest fashion and music festivals held its 2022 edition.

The Homecoming as it is called is an idea of Grace Ladoja to serve as a cultural exchange between Africa and the world, majorly for the new generation.


Fashion and art brands

Although the success of the festival was massive, it is not the subject of this article. Instead, it is the way they creatively mixed the byline, welcome to the new generation together with the digital technology.

The result of this combination was a filled venue of young African fashion and Arts brands influencers and owners, social media influencers, music artists, and lifestyle content creators.


Key Insights

  • Digital technologies that provide social platforms like Instagram offer these brands a way to extend their services and advertise to fashion and Art brands that shows their festivals to the younger generation.
  • Because these technologies function as tools to provide huge ROI for brands and art festivals, the relationship between Fashion and art brands and GenZ can take work to manage.


How were they able to pull this off? The first thing they did was build a community of the younger generation around the younger generation using social media.

Secondly, they released the event flier for the 2022 edition, and in the lineup of guests and performing artists, they featured some of the raving sensations in the younger generation.

The third thing they did was collaborate with fashion brands that are currently creating what is acceptable to this community of young people. All of these efforts were executed using Instagram and blogs as a platform to connect. 


Aside from The Homecoming Festival, a lot of industries in the Nigerian creative space are witnessing an increasing rate of interest by the young community in their craft.

The Lagos Fashion Week and art galleries are some examples of these creative industries.

This step by fashion brands and organizers of creative festivals to employ technology as bait to keep young creatives hooked has several benefits, some of which are obvious in today’s society.

The question is how do new brands learn from existing brands, and follow this innovative step?

Innovative fashion brands and designers have found ways to integrate tech into the in-house experience to improve sales and build an online community

The online audience of today prefer videos to photos, and this is a trend fashion business and art curators need to pay attention to garner interest from all categories of customers

Social media marketing is becoming an increasingly relevant medium for most fashion and art brands. When you provide a way to direct customers to your brand through a well-curated social media profile, you continually build customer loyalty. 

The Future of Fashion 

Digital technology is increasingly becoming an important part of the fashion and creative industry in general.

From logistics, building an online brand community, customer experience, and marketing, digital tools help businesses to build a more resilient business model and connect with a new audience.

As technology improves, we are going to see more channels open up to help the creative industry connect to a new audience, and develop a closer relationship between digital tools, fashion and art brands and their customers. 


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