1) Can you tell us more about you please?

My name is Kelvin Oluwaseyi Audu, The last born of 6 born into an intertribal marriage. My dad is from Ondo state and my mum, from Benue State. I studied sociology at Benue State University.

2) How long have you been in the industry for?

Roughly two years

3) Please tell EM readers briefly about what you do?

I’m a singer,professional MUA,Content creator, personal stylist and fashion influencer.

4) What differentiates you from other Stylists and Fashion Influencers?

Confidence in my abilities and  in my style.

Style Q&A of Kelvin Audu

1) My style is … Classy,Daring, and Edgy.

2) I cannot live without… Fabrics

3) Fav fashion trick…. Understanding the color wheel

4) Fav designer…. Wow! It’s too hard to pick one!

Style Q&A of Kelvin AuduStyle Q&A of Kelvin Audu

5) One item every guy should own… A white or Black button-down shirt

6) Next item on my wish list…  Bad Chelsea Boots with heels for men

7) Last purchase… Colorful slides

8) My fav boutique shop….Most of the time I design outfits, so I don’t do boutiques.

Style Q&A of Kelvin Audu Fashion Stylist and Influencer 1

9) My best shopping city….. Paris

10) I feel most sexy when I am wearing… BLACK!!!!!!

11) When I’m on the red carpet I like to… Keep it Classy!

12) Fashion rule I live by…  Know your body Type! Know what works for you.

Style Q&A of Kelvin Audu

13) Name your favorite piece in your wardrobe….Trench coat

14) Signature accessories…. Rings and Bracelets

15) What are you buying this season to update your look? Perfectly tailored two piece neon-color suits

16) Who is the most stylish woman you have seen… A Lot! A Lot!!

Style Q&A of Kelvin Audu Fashion Stylist and Influencer 2

17) What are your beauty essentials?Sunscreen, moisturizer and lip balm.

18) Early style influencer… Funny enough, I didn’t have one.

19) How often do you repeat outfits?Oh Frequently! But it’s hard to tell because I always switch things up and pair differently.

20) Do you follow trends? Not Necessarily. As Fashion influencers we are trend-setters

Style Q&A of Kelvin Audu Fashion Stylist and Influencer 3

21) Fav holiday destination and why? Seychelles! There are Beautiful Locations to create content for style.

22) Describe your ultimate party outfit…. Sexy and Edgy!

23) How do you like your jewelry: statement or simple? STATEMENT

24) What’s your earliest fashion memory? I remember cutting my clothes and transforming them into something else.

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