Skirts are super feminine and easy to style, here are some tips to consider when styling skirts:

• Add a belt. Styling skirts has never been easier. A stylish belt can breathe life into an otherwise plain ensemble.

Longer skirts often look more flattering with wider belts, while shorter ones look great with thin belts.

• Balance your outfit. Keep your outfit proportions in mind as you style your skirt.
Balance out an oversized piece with a fitted piece. Wear a fitted top (like a tank top or tube top) with a baggy or flowy skirt (like a peasant skirt) to accentuate your shape.

Conversely, if you’re wearing a more form-fitting skirt, pair it with a loose blouse or ruffled top to help balance your silhouette.

• Make a statement. Make a statement skirt—like a ruffled skirt or bold printed skirt—the focal point of your outfit. Keep the rest of your outfit neutral when styling skirts to avoid a busy look.

• Pick the right shoes. Select a pair of shoes that flatters your skirt.

Many long and short skirts—from broomstick skirts to pleated skirts—will work well with dressy sandals, open-toed high heels, or booties.

Short, flared skirts and miniskirts pair well with ankle boots or knee-high boots. Pair a casual denim miniskirt with flat sneakers for a more casual outfit. Tailor your shoe’s heel height to the specific skirt you’re wearing.

When styling shirts,  wear shoes that  add height so that you expose more of your legs to elongate your frame.

Styling Skirts In 4 Ways

There are several ways to style your tops and skirts to avoid having any excess fabric bunch up at your shirt hem. Follow these style tips for inspiration:

• Knot your shirt. Knot your top in front to gather up any excess fabric while avoiding the potential bulk from a tuck.

To knot a button-up blouse, undo the last two or three buttons and tie the ends together into a knot.

For a white or graphic tee, grab the front of the shirt and twist, then tie it into a single knot. (Use a hair tie or rubber band to secure the knot.)

• Try a fitted top. Pair a bodysuit with your skirt for a smoother silhouette that avoids the bulk of tucking.

Styling skirts

Bodysuits with long sleeves suit cold weather perfectly.

• Tuck to accentuate. Whether you pair your skirt with a white T-shirt, turtleneck, or blouse, tucking in your top can be a flattering way to accentuate your body shape.

Styling skirts

A full tuck works for high-waisted skirts, while a French tuck works for low-waisted skirts.

Keep in mind that tucking certain shirt types—particularly longer ones—into a skirt may leave you with extra fabric that adds bulk beneath the waistband.

• Wear a crop top. Pair a crop top with a pencil skirt or maxi skirt to eliminate any bulk in your outfit.

Styling skirts

Some retail stores will even sell crops and skirts together as a complete set.

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