Natural light is light that is generated naturally, the common source of which is the Sun.

Natural light

This is as opposed to artificial light, which is typically produced by electrical appliances such as lamps.

Typically, natural light is transmitted to the interior of a building through glazing such as windows, or through other openings.

Natural light

The way light is incorporated into a building essentially defines its character and the way people perceive it.

How bright the space is, how the light is distributed in it, and what kind of shadows it forms all help define the character and the dimension of that space.

You should consider window size and spacing, glass selection, the reflectance of interior finishes, and the location of interior partitions all must be considered.

Natural light

Additionally, there are many different types of daylight fixtures and each has its own unique set of design considerations.  

Benefits of natural light.

Natural light

  1. Enhances the quality of spaces: When there’s more natural light providing internal lighting, a space looks visually bigger.

    This isn’t a secret that only architects know, this is a rather common practice among lots of people looking to make their living spaces appear more spacious.


2.  Prevents growth of fungi: The rooms without proper natural sunlight do tend to the growth of fungi, and molds, and are home to insects.  

This results in the room being uncomfortable, and gloomy, and a bad smell may come from the room.


  1. Enhances colors: Natural lighting helps make a place more aesthetically pleasing by enhancing all the indoor colors. They look deeper, more natural, and more intense.

    The color of every single surface shines brighter both in a literal and aesthetic sense when it is touched by natural light.

Natural light

  1. Improves physiological wellbeing: Natural lighting has a lot of biological importance as sunlight triggers the production of Vitamin D in our body.

    It also cures Rickets, reduces strain on eyes, bilirubin degradation, breaking down of carbohydrates, protein and fat, the development of white blood cells, improvement in the activity of the nervous system, and the regulation of blood pressure.


  1. Improves psychological well being: Natural lighting improves our mood, enhances morale, increases energy levels (due to suppression of Melatonin), lower rates of stress-related sick calls, and prevents SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) which is one of the root causes of depression, induces quality and more sleep.


  1. Sense of Comfort and Style: Daylighting helps create spaces that are much more comfortable to spend time in.

    Where there isn’t much natural light in a room, it feels cold, uninviting, and cramped.

    What it also often leads to are headaches, depression, anxiety, and other health issues. After all, sunlight provides us with the necessary vitamin D.


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