Yes, you read it correctly. The truth is that you do not need tons of followers on social media or friends at the office to be a style influencer. It is more about how you present yourself and face each day. The power of influence is major: how you look and treat others says everything about you. Try to make sure it is a positive influence because that is the legacy others will remember you by. No one is perfect, but quality over quantity is key, my friends.

Everyday Influencer: How Your Style Affects Others 1

Another truth: you inspire people. They may not say anything until years from now, or may never tell you, but you would be amazed at the effect you have on those around you…or someone who lives a thousand miles away. Onlookers may love your bold accessories, how you mix clothing patterns, or how you manage to present a good attitude despite what life can bring. The best thing you can do is try to be your beautiful, unique self. It may inspire someone else to do the same, so don’t give up! Someone out there needs to see you live your best life so they can live their own.

Everyday Influencer: How Your Style Affects Others 2

Few things bring me joy like seeing a client discover they have been beautiful all along. There is something about discovering your best looks that totally revamps life! The greatest regret clients usually have is not taking the style plunge at a younger age, but it is still an exciting journey. For women (ladies, you are not alone at all), it can be especially hard to abandon what no longer works and unearth what does, but it is never too late to become your best self. Dare to take the plunge!

Everyday Influencer: How Your Style Affects Others 3

BY: StyleItKell, beauty and style contributor

  • StyleItKell is an image consultant and runway coach who loves Jesus and helping people of all ages discover their personal style! For consultations and enquiries, contact Kell at





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