Fashion doesn’t have to be a do-or-die affair if anything it should come naturally. But if you are yet to define your fashion style, here are simple ways you could do so.

Tips On How To Define Your Fashion Style

Fun Fact: We all know our fashion style, not a lot of people would know how to define it but
your daily choices let you know just what it is. Which brings us to our first point.

Pay Attention To What You Like

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When you walk into a clothing store, what is the first aisle you go to? Or rather, which aisle is your heart most excited to get to? Between the jeans and cotton trousers, which are you most excited to try on? Are you most likely to run through or spend more time in the dress section? Or are you more like me, checking the male section for big shirts?
Your excitement tells you a lot about your taste, so pay close attention to your heart and patterns.

Use The Color Wheel

7 Practical Tips To Define Your Fashion Style 1

The color wheel is your best friend when it comes to identifying your taste, so play around with it. Check out our How To Rock Bright Colors post here in case you missed it.

Pull up a color wheel and select colors you would most likely be caught wearing, those you
would love to try, and also the colors you love seeing on others because you just might pull it off too if you tried.

I most especially love the color wheel on days where I’m uncertain of the outfit I should wear and a look at it helps fasten my decision.

What Activities Do You Do The Most?

7 Practical Tips To Define Your Fashion Style 2

In as much we love making a statement, it is also important to keep to the theme, environment, and, activities. Personally, you would always catch me in a pair of trousers, a simple top, and sneakers because my daily activities require a lot of movement and I love to be comfortable.

So what is it for you? Are you most likely going to be attending business meetings? Running errands? Or even working from home(because that too can be done stylishly).

Read more – Style Q&A of Kelvin Audu, Fashion Stylist and Influencer

Understanding that your daily activities determine your style is the most real thing you could do for yourself as it also helps narrow down your shopping list and buy the essentials even more.

Make A List Of The Things You Don’t Like To Wear

7 Practical Tips To Define Your Fashion Style 3

What other way is there to know your fashion style than making a list of what you
wouldn’t wear. So get a notepad and write down those fashion trends and pieces you wouldn’t be caught in even if they were the last clothing items.

Make A List Of The Things You Like To Wear

7 Practical Tips To Define Your Fashion Style 4

Now, that you’ve got down the list of things you do not like to wear, how about a list of things you love to wear. Write down those outfits that make you feel confident, sexy, beautiful, and those that most importantly make you feel like yourself (because that’s all that matters). I guarantee this list makes up your fashion style.

List Your Top Three Outfit Choices

7 Practical Tips To Define Your Fashion Style 5

You get a call inviting you to dinner tomorrow night, what is the first thing to jump in your
mind. How about a day at the beach or maybe errands, what are your top three outfits for every occasion? Place them separately on your bed or a desk.

Give Them Names

Your top three outfits have been picked out, now go ahead and define them the best way you can. My personal style is minimal, casual, vintage, and effortless. You could use words like classy, functional, responsible, neutral and so many others.

After giving them names, make sure you have a long list of names, now go ahead and pick out the best two or three names you feel speaks deeply to you. And just like that, you have defined your fashion style.

Also, note that your personal fashion style could change and that is okay. Just stay flexible and be you!

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