EM FASHION - Street Style 1

The newest stars are often unknown faces strutting about their day wearing a striking or memorable ensemble. Street photography is simultaneously fascinating and ironic, a new blend of noteworthy and oft-anonymous. Here’s how to look casually cool yet chic, just in case you’re spotted.

1. Metallic glam- There’s nothing like a little black dress (or “LBD”) to pick up a casual outfit. With the right accessories, it will seem like a new dress every time you put it on! Contrast the stark hue with eye-catching silver for visual interest. Soften it up with lilac and you can take this look to a lite-night movie dash!

EM FASHION - Street Style 1

2. Casually cool- The 90’s look is back and now there are so many ways to mix up the latest trends! Athletic pieces are now able to mix with luxury items for a modern twist on casual. Flannel is an instant throwback that doubles as a comfy outer layer. Just add a cool pair of boots to complete the look and voila, you’re good to go!

EM FASHION - Street Style 3

3. Team spirit- Collegiate colors tale on a life of their own with edgy remixes. A customized backpack with edgy pins that match a pinned dress (as I shared in “Feminine Strength”) will draw eyes without sneers. A look this daring needs an equally bold lip and nail combo!

EM FASHION - Street Style 4

StyleItKell, Beauty and style contributor

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