Creating new exciting products out of old ones is simply amazing, that’s why it’s great to know that Romanian Designer, Alexandra Sipa is championing this initiative in her latest collection.

Funny enough, this creation was born out of “a happy accident”, as Vogue put it. Sipa said she was researching for a project in school when her headphones broke, then she noticed how colourful the wires were and thought to reuse them to make beautiful fabric pieces, which she did!

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The 23-year-old designer creates corset-like tops and body-engulfing ruffled dresses all out of the discarded wires.

Though the clothes appear futuristic, the inspiration for them comes from a place of nostalgia. Alexandra Sipa, who grew up in Romania, credits her mother, a lingerie designer, for introducing her to fashion at a young age.

“She made cardboard cutouts of Barbies for me to trace on paper and draw on top of and taught me how to hand sew,”

– Sipa.

Sipa’s new collection is actually her graduate collection, as a student of Saint Martins e College in London. The collection includes an A-line dress piece that took over 1000 hours to create.


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