Since social media became the home of all, we’ve noticed that people often give too much audience to negative comments about them and it shouldn’t be that way. Marsai Martin proves this in her latest Instagram video.

Black-ish actor, Marsai Martin, who recently came under heat over her choice of hair and teeth braces, replied her trolls in her latest Instagram video.

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The initial post was a video uploaded by BET on Twitter, showing Marsai presenting the Award for Best Female Hip-hop Artist to Megan Thee Stallion, three days ago.

As usual, almost immediately after it was posted, people with their negative vibes filled the comment section, saying things like “her hair looks like a granny’s wig and that her braces look like veneers.”

In her latest video, which she posted on Instagram, she came out to address the trolls, starting off with a pretense cry, as if the comments really got to her, then sniffing into a 100 dollar bill and swiftly switching over into more important issues, like the “Justice for Breonna Taylor” campaign.

She ended the video saying, “Y’all, we are in quarantine and we got more things to focus on than just my hair, Justice for Breona Taylor.”

Here’s the Marsai Martin video:

Many celebrities came out to support her saying that they love her amusing approach to the situation.

In this life, it is a lot easier to just laugh off negativity and turn it into positivity and that’s something that Marsai’s actions reminded us of. The tone of the Marsai Martin video should be our reaction to trolls and negativity in general, positive vibes only!

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