Fashion rules are useful as they help us to avoid style faux pas. But some rules have to be broken. Some of the most well-known style dos and don’ts are outdated, as both fashion and dress codes have evolved. Others are too rigid.

Below are 5 Fashion rules in 2023 that you should break;

Black with brown or blue is a no-no

5 fashion rules in 2023

While the common saying “black and blue will never do” has gained urban myth status in the fashion world and the same is often said about black and brown, now most stylists agree that dark colors go well together. Especially with neutrals like black and blue.

The only actual requirement is to make sure you choose tones that are contrasting enough.

Don’t mix silver and gold

5 fashion rules in 2023

When Chanel launched the Gabrielle bag back in 2017, one of the details that thrilled fans the most was the combination of gold and silver chains and hardware.
Gabrielle simply had the best of both worlds, which made it so easy to wear with anything in one’s wardrobe but It’s easier to get it right if you are wearing only metallics that match. However, when done correctly, the effect of combining different ones is stunning.

Your bag must exactly match your shoes and/or belt

5 fashion rules in 2023

Although that classic style guideline isn’t exactly wrong, there are other factors that are just as important. A very casual bag will probably work against classic or party shoes, even if they are both the same color. Therefore, bags, belts, and shoes don’t necessarily have to match exactly, which can seem a bit stiff and outdated, but they have to relate and make sense together somehow.


Avoid long skirts if you are short

5 fashion rules in 2023

This fashion rule is food for thought. Depending on your body type, you can be petite and look long and lean, or be tall and appear shorter in pictures. Furthermore, skirts of any length can make you look petite or elongated depending on how you style them. However, if your goal is to make sure that you appear longer and leaner, do not avoid lengthy skirts. But choose high-rise skirts that give the appearance of lengthened legs. 

Never mix patterns

5 fashion rules in 2023

Although it’s easier to get an outfit right when you are working with less mixed prints, if styled correctly you can make an otherwise bland outfit more interesting. Playing with different patterns is also a way to maximize everything you own. Imagine how many more outfits you can create with a single tweed skirt if you pair it with your printed tops, instead of sticking to solid shirts and tops only


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