No one intentionally leaves their house with the hope of looking cheap.

Unfortunately, whether you want to or not, there are some fashion rules that when broken will have you looking unfashionable.  Fortunately for you, there are a few things you can tweak now to stop looking cheap.

Physical looks matters a lot and it is all the right fashion items put together that make up a complete look.

When done we’ll, you can open so many unseen doors of opportunity but when you fail at fashion and end up looking tack or cheap, you will not be able to attract t the right kind of people.

These are 9 major Things that completely cheapens your looks

When Your Clothes Have Stains

Ugh! When you have stains in your clothes, it’s a tell-tale sign of untidiness and dirtiness. People will automatically assume the worst about you.

Avoid wearing clothes that have permanent irredeemable stains in them, if you can, transform them to just “home clothes”.

Always make sure you properly check out your clothes before stepping out of the house so that you don’t end leaving with a stained outfit.

Wearing Wrinkly Clothes

Stop looking cheap

There are some clothes that do not need an iron for them to look nice on your body. Some others, definitely need to be ironed properly.

I get it! In our modern era, no one really has the time to iron their clothes anymore but its only because a lot of our outfits don’t need ironing.

If you’re wearing a shirt or a material that will look very wrinkly and crumpled up without running through an iron, then you need to iron it or better still look for another alternative.

Messy Hair

Stop Looking Cheap - 5 Mistakes That Are Cramping Your Fashion Style 1

Oe of the first things people notice about us usually is are our hair. A messy hair makes you look messy no matter how coordinated and clean your clothes are.

Always have a good quality wig ins standby on occasions when you don’t necessarily feel like braiding your hair.

Make sure you carry a brush,  hair accessories and a mirror in your bag so that you can consistently touch up on your hair throughout the day.

Wearing White

While wearing white is a great idea and can make you look very classy, it’s also o e of the easiest ways to look very messy and dirty.

In a country like Nigeria, with heavy dust and air pollution, a light walk is all you need to get your white shirt coated in brown dusts.

So, it’s better if you can try as much as possible to stay away from wearing white materials except you’re certain you can prevent dirts from ruining it.

Rusty Jewelry

You might not have the money to invest in expensive jewelries and you can look for other cheaper alternatives which is great. But with it’s cheaper price, also comes a much shorter shelf live.

You should update your cheap jewelries as consistently as you can.

Don’t wait for your necklace, bangles and earrings  to get rusty and faded before changing them.

Sweat Stains On Clothes

It’s normal to sweat, but, that does not mean we love seeing sweat. Especially sweat marks on shirts or gowns.

To solve this issue, look for drying stick deodorants that help control sweat or wear darker clothes that are not quick to show the outlines of your sweat marks.

Chipped or dirty Nails

Stop Looking Cheap - 5 Mistakes That Are Cramping Your Fashion Style 2

When your nails look dirty or chipped, the general impression is that you do not know how to take care of yourself. It’s not an expensive look at all and it can cheapen your whole outfit.

You should fix your nails as consistently as you can but, if you feel uncomfortable fixing nails, then, you should make sure you keep your nails as clean and neat as possible.

Paint on them too to make them look prettier.

Your clothes are showing too much

Stop looking cheap

Clothes that are showing too much skin can make you look unprofessional and tacky especially if you’re wearing them to work.

It’s one thing if you’re going for a dinner date or a hang out with friends, but, if you want to be taken seriously, then you have to be more intentional about not showing too much skin in your outfits.

Your pants/trousers keep riding low

Haven’t we all been there?  Wearing pants that are a bit loose on us and so we involuntarily keep bringing them up as we walk. This can get very frustrating but even worse, it’s not a good look for you.

Wear pants and trousers that fit your waist and hip ratio very well. If you have a loose fitted pants, shape them or wear them with a nice belt.

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