Fashion is a lifestyle; an ever-evolving lifestyle. This means that a blink is all it takes for new fashion trends to take over. The most surprising aspect of fashion is how even the outdated trends seem to make a comeback after some years. Fashion trends are not linear and so it is best to embrace them when they are currently making waves.

In 2022, we saw a lot of fashion trends die, just as we saw the birth of new ones.

These Are The 7 Outdated Fashion Trends In 2022

Skinny Jeans

skinny jeans- outdated fashion trends

Sorry, skinny jean lovers, you can leave those skinnies in the back of the closet; 2022 says you won’t be needing them anytime soon. ’22 is the year of all things loose-fitted, and jeans are no exception. According to search statistics, baggy jean searches grew by 38% in 2022 (via Meet Glimpse). In fact, a lot of consignment stores won’t even accept skinny jeans anymore (via Washingtonian).

Neutral Colors

neutral colors - outdated fashion trends

The Queen has been color-blocking for years, now it’s time for us all to boost our mood with bold hues,” says Woman & Home fashion director Paula Moore. Neutral colors were quite in style during the earlier phases of the COVID-19 pandemic, and most fashion experts agree that fun, exciting colors are a result of our post-lockdown feelings of freedom in 2022. That being said, don’t be afraid to experiment with creative color combos as well.

Miniskirts Or Micro Skirts

7 Outdated Fashion Trends In 2022 1

Miniskirts are the absolute best ways to show off those killer legs. They’re sexy, youthful and yes stylish but they’re getting a little old. People are beginning to embrace more of maxi skirts which they can pair beautifully with different tops.

Cold Shoulder Tops

7 Outdated Fashion Trends In 2022 2

What are experts saying about cold-shoulder tops this year? “While these are still a favorite for many women, this trend has been around awhile and is simply starting to feel a little bit tired,” stylist and model Tara Dupuis tells Insider.


Mirrored Glasses

mirrored glasses - outdated fashion trends

They might have ben the trendy thing few years ago, but currently chunky glasses are now the trendy thing. Mirrored eye glasses are beginning to look not only outdated but a little unoriginal. They also do not go well with a lot of outfits unlike the big framed glasses.

Skater Skirts

skater skirts - outdated fashion trends

While skater skirts got their name due to their resemblance to a figure skater’s skirt, 2022 is more focused on other sports — namely tennis and golf. “The tennis skirt has been a design classic since the ’60s and has remained just as desirable,” says Alex Eagle, owner and designer of Alex Eagle Sporting Club (via Vogue U.K.).




7 Outdated Fashion Trends In 2022 3

This one may be kind of a given in 2022, but we feel it should be included on the list because of its importance. Back in 2017, Gucci made headlines when it announced that from there on out, the luxury fashion house would go fur-free (via CNN). Fast-forward to five years later and other brands have followed suit, making fur a 2022 fashion no-no (via PETA).



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