Honestly, 2021 fashion trends were a bit weird but these 7 fashion trends in 2022 brings with it a lot of refreshing fashion pieces.

While Fashion trends are normally gotten from runways and celebrities, these trends in 2022 have also tapped into mainstream fashion amongst average people, just like you. These fashion trends can make you look chic and absolutely unique.

                        7 Fashion Trends In 2022

Platform Shoes

platform shoes - 7 fashion trends

What best way to gain an extra height and look elegant while doing it than with platform shoes. They come in various forms; thick clogs, sneakers, or boots etc. There is always a platform shoe waiting to complement an outfit.

Platform shoes are also known for their versatility, you can practically wear them with anything and look absolutely peng!

Patterned Sets

patterned sets - platform shoes - 7 fashion trends

Sets save life. Patterned sets are everything and should be every lady’s best friend. They are comfortable, simple and very easy to throw on. There are unending options of patterned sets to include in your wardrobe collection. From lounge sets, to dinner sets, to PJ sets, you can get real comfortable while still ‘maintaining beauty’ in a patterned set. there are patterned sets for every occasion.


feathers - platform shoes - 7 fashion trends

Feathers are definitely here to stay for a really long time. While they trended back in the 90s, they’ve slowly but surely coming back in the 21st century fashion scene. And for good reason too. You can add a dramatic flair to your outfit each time with feather details. They give your outfit the extra oomph! It is anything but dull and will give you an effortless confidence.

Baby Tees

baby tees - platform shoes - 7 fashion trends

This trend has the absolute hype back in the 90s but has continued to still be a favorite and has been embraced by a lot of people including top celebrities. The best way to style your baby tee is with a low sling jeans or trousers. You can also pair it with skirts, shorts and denims.

Large Bags

large bags - 7 fashion trends

Yes, to large bags, No to small purses because why not? Not only are large bags more convenient in case you need to carry a large volume of materials they are now also a very trendy and stylish addition to most outfits. If giant leather hobo bags aren’t your speed, you can always join the tote bag warrior army with a large canvas bag.

Long Skirts

oversized glasses -7 fashion trends

Mini skirts are great but it is currently in a fierce competition with its counterpart…Long skirts. You can also wear a sexy look with a long skirt, it all depends on how you decide to style your outfits. Long skirts are comfortable fashion pieces because you get to keep your legs warm while still getting some air unlike trousers. They should definitely be a must have for you in your wardrobe.

Oversized Glasses

Oversized Glasses - 7 fashion trends

If you are spotting a really round face or chubby cheeks, oversized glasses are absolutely perfect for your face. The oversized glasses fashion trend used to be a cool girl aesthetic back in the 70s and now, it seems to be making a comeback.

From clunky aviators to retro sport shades, you will be looking like a retro chic with an air of mysteriousness in your oversized glasses.


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