Can you do 7 days of all black outfits? I can! I love black that much.

After you get past how dark these Style boards are (especially clumped together), you’ll see that it’s not such a bad idea. In fact it’s a genius one!

There are a myriad of reasons why all black outfits are ALWAYS a good idea, but I’ll share just a few.

  1. Black REALLY let’s you play with accessories.
  2. Makes you appear attractive and confident.
  3. Because it’s so hard to go wrong in black, you can shop a lot of designs in black with the confidence that you’ll get some wear out of them.
  4. Black suggests prestige, power and intelligence.
  5. Works for every season and is figure flattering.

5 Ways To Style Your Bodysuit By 7th Street Styling

4 Ways To Style Your Denim That’ll Make You Stand Out Anywhere

Black pieces are well worth every dime spent. So go right ahead and splurge all you want, I promise it’s a worthy investment.

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